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Our Vision

Our vision is to be a community of believers living a life dedicated to the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Our Values

The Bible as Authority – We honor God’s Word

The Word of God is our final authority and source of life guidance, revealing the nature

and character of God, calling is to a faith-filled obedient godly life-style.

Worship as a Lifestyle – We focus on God’s Throne

The worship of God is our primary ministry, pursued with biblical motivated zeal and

offered in reverence with humility, child likeness and passion.

Evangelism and Outreach – We Extend God’s Love

We are moved, by the power of the Holy Spirit and the compassion of Jesus Christ, to

reach the un-churched and tell the untold message of reconciliation.

Unity in the Body of Christ – We Pursue Unity with God’s People

We earnestly seek and unselfishly serve Christ’s global, multi-faceted body by our

attitudes and commitments in order to pursue unity, the value for which Jesus prayed.

Ministry to the Family – We Serve God’s Family

We practice a focused ministry to individuals, believing marriage and family are divinely

ordained of God. We nurture couples and strengthen homes, believing every single

person is significant in God’s purpose. We seek to grow each one in Christ.

Racial Harmony – We Respect All God’s People

Under God our Creator, ethnic diversity is respected and under Christ our redeemer all

humanity is invited to answer the Bible’s call to values and virtues of the Kingdom of


Prayer Life – We Invite God’s Intervention

Steadfast prayer, intercession, and the Holy Spirit enabled supernatural utterance are vital

in our partnership with God for the release of His power, provision, and presence in life,

service, and ministry.

Equipping of the Saints – We Release God’s People

The church’s ministry is to be conveyed through the means of maturing believers of all

ages, social status, gender, ethnic groups, and marital status to equip all people with the

power of God to the world.

Giving and Stewardship – We Practice Christ-Like Generosity

We seek to give of our tithes, offerings and all of life’s resources. We are stewards of

what we have been given, such as time, gifts, and finances seeing that these are from

God’s hand yet ours to obediently distribute.

Committed to Sound Doctrine – We seek to Understand

We seek to preserve the integrity of God’s Word, always searching the scriptures with the

assistance of the Holy Spirit, trusting in the truth as revealed by Him.

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