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Pastor James is a man with a passion for God and people. He is Co-founder and Senior Pastor of Eternal Life Worship Center. He is a former Police Officer with 13 years of service. He retired that profession in order to become a full time servant of God. Pastor James is the former owner of Eagle Wings Couriers. A small business trucking company with 9 employees in the Hampton Roads area. He is the author of the best seller "Translated Out of Darkness". He is also a music producer and recording artist with several CD's to his credit.

Pastor James is responsible for the successful operation of this growing ministry by which he teaches and oversees the instruction, cultivation and training of associate ministers, leaders and lay people. These teachings facilitate the necessary skills and abilities needed to effect and promote a sense of value and 

community. With over 30 years of ministry, leadership and life coach experience, Pastor Hodges' professional goals in ministry are to help people obtain a better quality of life personally and corporately by identifying and implementing kingdom principles and applying them to real life situations. As an advocate of social change, his vision and accomplishments in ministry and social venues have accomplished notable growth and change in the lives of many.

Pastor Hodges received his initial calling and training at the age of 22 as an associate minister at The Memorial Institutional Church of God in Baltimore, MD. He has also served as an associate Elder at Rhema Harvest Church in Norfolk, VA before founding Eternal Life Ministries, Inc. in 1999. He holds credentials, which include an associate's degree in paralegal studies, a Bachelor of Theology degree and is currently pursuing his Master of Divinity in Pastoral Ministry. Pastor James was awarded an Honorary Doctorate Degree from Freedom Bible College and Seminary.

Pastor James and Priscilla have been married for 24 years. Together they serve the congregation of ELWC.

Pastor Priscilla Hodges is co-founder of Eternal Life Worship Center where she serves as executive pastor. She is a powerful and gifted teacher and minister of God’s word, and is proficient in leadership development in both the secular and spiritual settings. She received her ministry calling also at a young age. Her witty yet down to earth style of teaching has been captivating audiences for more than a decade. Although her primary focus is women, she is quite comfortable teaching and preaching along side her husband. Having hosted numerous retreats and conferences the wisdom she imparts has changed the lives of many. Pastor Priscilla is the author of “The Discipleship Training” and “Ministers Boot Camp” curriculum both of which are used at Eternal Life Worship Center. Her most recent accomplishment is the writing of her book entitled “Amplius” The Life You Were Created to Live. 

Pastor Priscilla is responsible for The Women’s Ministry, The Family Life Ministry and The Christian Education at Eternal Life Worship Center. Her desire is to be a role model for other women by exemplifying Christ and the teaching of his Word. Her teaching helps women to realize their self worth in Christ and to themselves, their spouses and others. She strives to teach them to love themselves and to find commitment and fulfillment in God. She has been married to her husband James Hodges for 24 years and together they serve the congregation of ELWC.

Pastor Priscilla was awarded an Honorary Doctorate Degree from Freedom Bible College and Seminary.

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