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About Our Performing Arts Ministry

Eternal Life Worship and Performing Arts ministry is dedicated to expressing worship through the use of praise dance, modern dance, pantomime, acting, short skits, choirs and praise & worship team.

We provide an avenue for people who are gifted and interested in the performing arts to worship God with their gifts and talents. Youth and adults are welcome to participate in this great ministry.

There is the discovery of the potential to express one's desire for God in many different arenas. God has blessed every one with special talents to bring joy to others and glory to Himself.

If you would like more information about this ministry, Contact us and say "I want to know more."

Our Vision

To enhance worship through a variety of musical expressions while nurturing and encouraging the spiritual growth of those who have a desire to serve in the Worship & Performing Arts ministry.

*Bridging the gap between God and man through the love of Jesus Christ*

 Worship Tip of the Week

Submit your life to God, as He reveals himself to you!

Worship Right Where You Are

By Sheila Mills

Right where Abraham stood, at an altar he had built, there he worshiped the LORD.

With all the media technology available to American churches today, it's easy to get caught up in the production, forgetting such technology is only a tool best left under God's supervision. We tend to overlook worship is not about the music or the voices or the instruments; that these are simply conduits granted by God for human expression.

Worship is not about traditional, contemporary or a workable blend. Each generation preserves as well as contributes.

Worship is not about what posture we take kneeling, sitting, standing, hands to the side or raised high in the air. It's not about our eyes being open or closed.

Frankly put, worship is not about us...or what we can "get" out of it at all.

Worship is much simpler, much truer, than that. It is a choice; a deliberate action that does not need anything but our willing hearts engaging God's heart.



Alone or in a crowd.

Giving Him the honor and glory due Him regardless of our circumstances.

Regardless of our feelings.

Regardless of what else might be demanding our time and attention.

There right where we are we, too, can simply adore and reverence Him.

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